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Wireless broadband is the latest entrant in the world of internet technology.  It provides wireless internet and data services through a wide area.  At Elyzium Broadband we offer user to get faster downloads streaming audio and video contents, email and more ! 

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About Us

Elyzium is the market leader in providing unmatched communication services through quality, commitment, innovation and leadership for large enterprises, governments, small businesses, and consumers.  Elyzium Broadband encompasses all broadband solutions and managed services from Elyzium, bridging the best of wireless and cabling technologies.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in providing network solutions to a diverse and demanding list of customers.

More recently we discovered a shared passion in wanting to help get communities currently struggling to get connected or dealing with very low speed to get online. We are now working to deliver innovative solutions to those who currently and underserved.

In July 2014, we set up a new organisation totally focused on this strength and dedicated to connecting rural and underserved communities and providing a service to those who needed a solution and really couldn't afford to wait. Elyzium Broadband was born.

We really are different. The solution we provide can vary from fixed wireless to fiber installations. We work with right technology for the job and are not limited to one type of solution.

We believe in making things as simple as possible for you and treating you and your requirement individually.